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At Suit Vault, we often get asked ‘what is the difference between purchasing an off-the-rack suit and having a suit tailor-made?’. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons why you need a made-to-measure suit in your closet.

Suit Vault Tailored made to measure suits

Before we dig in, ‘what is an off-the-rack suit?’ you may ask…

Off-the-rack simply suggests that the clothing item is mass-made and available for immediate purchase directly from a retail store. The majority of clothing sits in this category as it is readily available, cheaper and meets the demands of ever-evolving fashion trends. A suit purchased off-the-rack can be a good selection for some, however with standardised sizing and the inability to customise the design, it is becoming increasingly common to see gents wanting something more personal.

Here are the top FIVE reasons why we think tailor-made beats off-the-rack:

1.    Compliments your shape

At Suit Vault, we create a suit specific to your measurements and personal style. Any specifications that you can think of, we can make it happen! Not every body’s shape is the same, and some people have issues with the length of off-the-rack suits. If you are currently buying suits off-the-rack and then taking the suit in to be altered, having a suit tailor-made is a much better alternative. Creating a suit with your measurements in mind allows the suit to compliment your physique. The way a suit is cut can allow you to look taller and leaner, and provide a much more premium finish overall.

2.    One of a kind

When creating the perfect tailored garment, you can be confident knowing that you are about to have an exclusive piece that is created just for you.  We have thousands of fabrics readily available at your fingertips to touch and to get a feel for. In store, we can explore fabric colour, weight, quality and blend (wool, linen, cotton etc). We will also discuss other considerations, such as what events will you wear the suit too? How often will you wear it? And do you feel the heat easily? All of these factors come into play when creating the perfect suit.

3.    Longevity

Made-to-measure suits stand the test of time compared to mass-produced alternatives, as they are made with high quality fabrics and created with your measurements at the forefront of the production.

If your pants are too long, the bottom of your trousers can become easily scuffed and ruined. If your jacket is too small, you will find that the seams will start to split and holes will appear in the elbow of your sleeves. Wearing a suit which has been designed and created for your body removes these variables and will slow down wear and tear.

4.    Customisation

The Suit Vault tailoring experience allows you to fully customise your suit. For us, this is the fun part, this is where you let your personality shine through!

Here are some customisations at your fingertips when going tailor-made:

  • Belt loops/side adjusters
  • Pick stitching
  • Custom monogram
  • Contrast felt
  • Floral/paisley lining
  • Slanted/ticket pockets

We find clients love selecting their lining, and adding custom monograming to their suit for their wedding day!

5.    Cost-effective

It is widely perceived that a made-to-measure suit, or visiting a tailor, is only for the elite and an expensive process, however this is simply not true. When it comes to having a suit tailor-made there is a range of different price points that will work for anyone’s budget.

We have completed our own research and typically Australian suiting companies (ones who use wool at a minimum) charge anything from $800 to $2,000 for a mass-produced off-the-rack suit. A two-piece tailored suit with Suit Vault starts from only $849.

man wearing made to measure navy canvas suit

Where to from here?

Suit Vault can create the perfect piece for you in under 10 weeks, within your budget and uniquely showcasing your personality. Book in your appointment today and experience what it is like to go custom.


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