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Invest in a quality Perth suit to dress for success.


The term “business attire” in a modern workplace could refer to anything from a complete suit and tie to jeans with a collared shirt. You must adhere to your workplace’s dress code if you wish to fit in and be respected. This could be business casual, smart business attire or formal business attire. While the pandemic has led to a shift in work-from home, remote, and flexible arrangements, it’s important to also look professional during virtual meetings and calls.


Business Professional Dress Code


The words “business-professional attire” holds certain expectations of formality.

Corporate offices expect their employees to be professional. It is a professional environment, so employees must match their surroundings.

How you present yourself at work demonstrates your respect for your role and the society in which you live. This shows your boss and co-workers that you care about the work you do.

Business-professional attire is simple to pull off, and it looks good on everyone.


Business Casual vs. Business-Professional Dress Code


The office dress code has varying levels of formality. Business-professional is the top tier of dressing for your job.

Business casual is becoming more common in the workplace. It competes with fashionable smart casual.

When it comes to trends, business-professional attire is highly polished and conservative. Business-casual has a more casual and relaxed style. Both dress codes do require some care and maintenance.

The main difference between business casual and business-professional is the role of suits in Perth. A Perth tailored suit is required for business-professional attire but not mandatory for business casual.

It is important to remember with each dress code that these outfits are for your work environment.


Business-Professional Attire


Obeying the business-professional dress code rules means wearing appropriate and accurate business-professional attire.

The Perth-tailored suit is the main piece. A shirt, tie, and good shoes complete the details. A man needs only a few pieces to create multiple looks for work.



A dark two- or three-piece suit is a must for any professional business wardrobe. Charcoal grey and navy suits are also wise choices.

The casual colours are lighter; darker colours work best in more formal settings. Pinstripes and pinpoints give the fabric a little more variety.



If it’s a single-breasted suit, the number of buttons should be at least two or three.

Both options are acceptable. However, a two-button suit is more modern and makes you look less stuffy. A double-breasted suit might have four to six buttons.



Two lapel styles will be found on Perth suits that are suitable for business casual: peak or notch lapels. Both are acceptable for the business-professional dress code.

The best choice is a notch lapel. It is the classic style and always looks great. A jacket with a notch collar is elegant for anyone.

The peak lapel is more formal, but still fashion-forward. For this reason, you may not want to incorporate too many suit jackets with this style into your business-professional ensemble. These jackets may be too flashy or inappropriate for your environment.



You can choose to have a pleated or flat front suit pant. The pants are more comfortable when seated if they have inward-facing pleats.

You can choose to cuff or leave the legs plain at your ankles. Uncuffed pants are viewed as more formal and therefore competent for business-professional attire.



A Perth-tailored suit-wearing man should have at least one long-sleeved, button-up, collared white shirt. It’s a must-have for any business attire.

To add some variety to your look, light and pale-blue dress shirts are a common choice for business attire. A dress shirt might have a texture, or a subtle engrained design in the fabric.

Business-professional dress shirts have either barrel cuffs or French cuffs.

French cuffs look more professional, and you can express yourself through cufflinks. This adornment should not be too extravagant.

It is important that your dress shirt fits properly and doesn’t balloon out. A poorly fitting shirt can ruin a perfectly polished look. If you are struggling to get the right fit, visit Suit Vault for the perfect made-to-measure suit.



A conservative setting requires a conservative tie. Solid colours are the best and most secure choice.

Don’t draw too much attention to your tie. Avoid bright colours and stick to neutrals. Your suit, shirt, tie, and tie should all be selected wisely.

You will need to wear a black suit when you are in a formal business setting. Black suits in Perth with black ties are the best business attire. They can be worn in any office setting.

Make sure your tie and shirt match. For some flair, you might want to add small patterns or stripes, but keep it simple and not too flashy.

Silk is the classic material for formal ties. For day wear, you can mix silk with grenadine and a knit tie.


Things to Avoid


It is good to have some advice on the things you need to include in your business-professional wardrobe. It is equally important that you know which items are not appropriate.


A Poorly Fitted Suit

Make sure your suit is perfectly fitted. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your suit may be, if it is too big it will make you look untidy.

Find a skilled tailor, like the team at Suit Vault. We can make your baggy outfit more flattering and comfortable.

You could also consider buying a made-to-measure Perth suit. This does not need to be something reserved for the wealthy. It’s your everyday workwear, after all.


Too Fashion-Forward

Your setting may be very conservative, so you don’t have the opportunity to display your fashion flair. You want to be part of the crowd and not stand out.

You can be a little more on-trend if the environment isn’t too conservative. You can only embellish one thing; too many will be tacky.


Visit Suit Vault to Nail your Business Attire


No matter what dress code you follow, a professional image is important. However, with a business-professional dress code, it is critical to get it right.

Contact our team of exerts today to get the best advice to make the perfect impression in your workplace.

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