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Your partner has just said yes to perfectly planned proposal and you are excited for the upcoming wedding! Now it is time for the next most important decision for you the groom to make. That is the choice of the all-important – wedding suit/s for the groomsmen and yourself.

Bride and Groom wearing black tie suit

It is quite common these days for weddings to have their own particular theme, we find that they usually fall into one of these three categories:

  • Formal, Black tie attire
  • Semi – Formal, Cocktail attire
  • Rustic, Boho and relaxed attire.

You’ve made it this far into your wedding planning so we would assume you have been provided some details on what your wedding style is going to look like.

There are a number of factors to consider on top the theme suits including;

  • Location of the wedding.
  • Time of the ceremony.
  • Colours of the bridesmaid / bride’s dress or partners suit.
  • Suits styles / colours that you have worn in the past.

Let’s get into more details of the different colour options available for your wedding suits below:

Formal – Black tie

Groomsmen and Groom wearing tuxedo black tie suit

When thinking Formal or Black tie the Tuxedo is a popular selection for the groom and the groomsmen. The tux has been around since the 1800’s and It has stood the test of time for a reason – everyone looks fantastic in it. If you are concerned about everyone being in tuxedo’s and looking too uniform – don’t be. It is not very often you get all your best mates kitted out in tuxedos and it photographs great on the day.

Another popular choice is the jet-black suit, this is a great alternative to the tuxedo if you want the black tie style though slightly dressed down. Worn with a tie or a bow tie this look is the perfect alternative for grooms who want to wear a Tuxedo and prefer the groomsmen to have a slight variance to their look.


Semi – Formal, Cocktail

Groom and Groomsmen wearing navy suit

Increasingly popular these days is the cocktail dress code for weddings. This leaves the groom with plenty of options to choose from due to the semi relaxed theme of the wedding. With plenty of options to choose from this can leave the groom with opportunities to pair the wrong colours. Not to worry we are here to help you navigate through the plethora of options and choose the right colour for your weddings theme.

Navy & Grey are both a great choice for the cooler months.  Both colours work well with burgundy, green and cobalt which are popular colour choice for bridesmaids’ dresses. Both these colours are also the most dressed up suiting options (compared to black tie), this is a great option if you still want a traditional look but not a formal / black tie style wedding.

Lighter shades of Blue also look great for cocktail weddings, especially those outdoors or in the warmer months. You can also pair this style blue with chinos to give it more of a casual cocktail look.

Rustic, Boho and relaxed attire.

Groom wearing rustic wedding suit green

For those who want a relaxed wedding and are not too fussed with the traditional colours or attires typically chosen by grooms then type of themed wedding gives you the groom lots to play with.

The groom can look to a blazer with a check or coloured fabric being burgundy, olive or green paired with chinos or trousers. The groomsmen can match this look with a nice crisp shirt, chinos and some suspenders to give the bridal party the perfect rustic look.

Every wedding Is different, and its theme is a representation of you and your partner. Selecting the right suit and look for your wedding can seem complicated. Our job at Suit Vault is to make it a breeze for you and your groomsmen. Not only do we have our suit hire range but we also have 100’s of fabric swatches available to create the dream tailored suit. We are here to help make sure you get it right and also have a fun time in the process of selecting the suits that you will remember wearing for eternity.

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