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Did you know that more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill in Australia alone each year!

There is an abundance of cheap fast fashion items purchased each day and then subsequently thrown away.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of hiring for your next event.

Suit Vault Wedding Hire Beach Look









Save time:

In less than 15 minutes you will walk out with an outfit ready to go for your special day. Compared to the hours spent trawling the internet or shopping centers trying to find the perfect look.

Try new brands:

Hiring allows you to try brands that might be new to you. We have a host of local and international brands available to hire most notably our own Suit Vault collection. Rather than going door to door come into SV and try one of our 200+ suits and lets get you out of your comfort zone.

Save money:

A suit can retail anywhere between $500 – $1,200+, the cost to hire is a fraction of that. Leaving you with extra money in the bank to splurge on your date or save for that next surfing holiday with the lads!

Test new styles:

With our large range of suits and brands this gives you the option to try new styles that you might not have otherwise thought of giving a go such as velvet, check and bold colours. Our stylists have suited up guests for the Brownlow Medal, Australian Cricket Awards and guests on TV shows.  Back our team in and we guarantee we will get it right for you too.

The team at Suit Vault will guide you through our collection, help you step out of your comfort zone.  Leaving you feeling better for it having looked after the environment and your bank account!

You can view our hire range online here which showcases some of the styles we have discussed.

Book in an appointment or walk into SV and experience something new!

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