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Don’t let your suit feel like a repetitive statement, or worse, don’t let it blend in the background. You deserve to stand out.

Even if you go through every possible suit, shirt and tie combination in your wardrobe, it can still feel like you’re wearing the same thing repeatedly. The solution? Accessories. In fact, accessories can make your suit not only stand out, but it can feel like a new outfit all over again.

Here are some tips that we have gathered here at the Suit Vault to elevate your looks.


A unique square pocket


Choose a vibrant, bold and colourfully designed pocket square to make your suit more playful. The colour scheme of your chosen pocket square should complement your tie, not match it. Don’t be afraid of bold patterns, bright colours and multi-dimensional aesthetics. This is especially true if your tie is more subdued. If you aren’t a bright colours kind of guy, just refold your pocket square into a different shape and keep it neutral.


A cool leather bag


A suit doesn’t immediately mean you have to match it with an old-school briefcase. Make your bag another statement, by opting for a cool leather bag. This can really elevate your look and show the world what a dapper gentleman you really are.

We recommend that you choose a simple design and go for a neutral palette. This will match the rest of your wardrobe. That way you still have a work bag to store all of your items in without having to settle for a briefcase.


Pop like never before with colourful socks


You can probably tell by now; colour is our middle name. Most suits aren’t going to be bright yellow, pink or teal, but that doesn’t mean you socks can’t be that colour. Bring a bit of fun to your menswear by wearing colourful socks in interesting patterns. They won’t stand out too much, however they will certainly spruce up your overall appearance, and make you warmer and more approachable. Nothing screams a cool-as-a-cucumber personality like fun socks.


Add bold patterns


Following in theme with the quirky colours, we cannot recommend enough the value of bold statement patterns. Polka dots or stripes are our favourite, but yours might be different. Splashing a healthy dose of patterns is seriously one of the easiest ways to accessorise your suit. It is a sure-fire way to ensure you get noticed when you walk into a venue in Perth. Our top tip is to wear a shirt or a tie that has a colourful pattern with an otherwise simple suit.

It doesn’t matter if your suit is light or dark, wearing a shirt with a bold pattern or even pairing a monochromatic shirt with a stunning patterned tie will liven up your appearance and make people turn heads.


Are you ready to make a statement with your menswear attire? Then get in touch.


From your actual suit rental to the coolest accessories a man can sport, our team at Suit Vault are here to elevate your look, ensure you are the most aesthetic in the room and that people notice you. We must ask, which simple upgrade will you take advantage of the next time you don a suit? Let us know.

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