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It’s safe to say that most of us, if not all, have probably had some experience with a button coming loose on a garment. Has this ever happened to you before?

The button can be one of the most overlooked, but important pieces on your outfit. When you wear a garment with missing buttons it’s not only unprofessional, it is also unflattering.

You might think that sewing a button back on would take too long or would cost you more than just buying a new outfit altogether. Don’t worry, as bespoke tailors, we have a bit of guidance for you, to sew your button back on with minimal time, and at no exuberant costs.


Firstly, here is what you’ll need:

  • Sewing needle
  • Assorted threads
  • Buttons
  • Spacer
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marker
  • Thimbles


Sewing a button, our simple how-to guide:


Remove the loose button from the garment:

If your button is loose but still hanging on, you should use your cutting tool to remove the thread that keeps the button on the shirt. A seam ripper will work best for this, but you can also use a different cutting tool. Just make sure that you’re not damaging the fabric. Next, use your cutting tool or fingers to remove any excess old thread that still hangs on either the button or the garment.


Thread your needle, and knot the end of the thread:

Another optional tool you might want to leverage is a needle threader. This tool will come in some sewing kits, and they make the process of threading a needle much more streamlined and easier. If you’re just working with a single thread, just pass the thread through the needle and tie a couple of overhand knots to measure that things are secure.


If you have doubled your thread over, you can create a knot by wrapping the thread around your finger several times, rolling the loops created into a tight bundle with your thumb, and then slip that bundle off your finger.


Create your anchor point:

Make a small mark on your fabric where the button will be located. To create your anchor, start by looking at the backside of the fabric. Run the needle through from the backside to the front. Then, move a short distance between holes on your button, and run the thread back through from the front to the backside. Repeat this one more time perpendicular to the first small line of thread you created. This will create a small X where the button is going to be centred.


Position the button:

Place your button where you marked the anchor X. Now, begin sewing by pushing the needle from the backside through to the front side, then ultimately, through the hole of the button. You can place your spacer on top of the button. When you know that the button is secured, the spacer can be removed


Create the shank:

  • Come back up through the fabric.
  • Turn the needle slightly and bring it out from underneath the button.
  • Wrap your thread tightly beneath the button at least six times in total.

With your button securely fastened, it’s time to start sewing. Put the needle back through from one side of the fabric (front) into another section exactly where we left off before. Pull to ensure things are secured here, and then put the needle back through from the front side to the backside.


Secure the thread:

Now, you can use your needle to make a small loop in one part of the thread. This will help keep the thread in place, ensuring it is secure.


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