How to suit up for your school ball

With the school ball season upon us, we thought it would be a great idea to share what is popular this season and advice on how to get it right.

Getting a suit for your school ball should be a fun experience and one you will look back on fondly in years to come – so let’s make sure you are suited and ready to go!

There are a number of factors to consider when planning what to wear, these are:

Complimenting your partner – If you are going with a date, we want to work your suit and look in with his or hers (this does not mean matching every detail).

Location – If your school ball is at the Crown or at the Westin hotels then we would recommend wearing black tie attire, be it a suit or tuxedo. If your event is being held at AQWA or Fremantle Sailing Club, feel free to mix it up and wear a lighter shade navy suit or chinos and a blazer with a tie.

Comfort – Wearing a fitted suit will feel slightly different to wearing your school blazer and trousers, or polo and shorts. The key here is to make sure that the trousers and jacket are sized for comfort.

If you are choosing a black suit or tuxedo, we recommend pairing it with a black tie or bow tie. Then choosing a boutonniere with similar colour tones to your partner’s outfit, this will bring the look together.

If navy is more your style, you have many colour options to play around with for your bow tie and tie. However, you want the suit to stand out and not the tie, so try not to wear a bright green tie with a navy suit, as the tie will take center stage.

Should you be going with a more relaxed look, with chinos and a jacket, you can play around with colours to compliment, however the rule with suiting is no more than 3 colours. If you add more than 3 colours then the look tends to look messy.

At Suit Vault we have a detailed styling consultation for your ball, what to wear and how to get it right. Have a look at some below images of when couples have gotten it right for their special night.











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