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Choose the perfect fabric and style with a perfect size guaranteed, that’s what you should expect when it comes to ordering a new suit in Perth.


Every modern man should have a tailored suit in Perth. A well-fitted suit can be a sign of confidence and refined taste.  In Perth, a made to measure suit means that the suit will be tailored to your exact measurements and style. 


Suit Vault is Perth’s suit and formal wear experts, we have a three fitting process to help you achieve your suit vision. Our bespoke tailored suits in Perth are great for any occasion, from walking down the terrace to your business meeting, to looking good at your mate’s wedding. Trust Suit Vault to keep you looking sharp. 



First Fitting


Fabric Selection


In your first consultation you will be guided through the thousands of fabrics from our 20 fabric suppliers.   


The weight of the cloth is important. It can be lightweight (8-9 oz), heavyweight (11-14 oz), or somewhere in between. A 12oz fabric is an excellent all-year rounder. 


It is also a matter of colour and pattern - check, pinstripe, birdseye and so forth. Your suit’s final price will depend on the quality of the cloth. Next, choose the construction level you need, from fully canvassed to half-lined. Remember, there are different levels of hand-making that are available. 


Measurement and Fitting


During your first fitting, we will take your measurements and examine your posture and balance. The Suit Vault team receives special training so that your custom-made garment fits perfectly. 


This step is more intimate. We take over 35 years measurements, including your chest, waist, seat. Then, you’ll try on an existing suit that is close to your preference. This gives you a template to use, then we begin to pin it to form a suit that is more tailored to your body. 


This part is not always easy. A good tailor will spend several minutes looking at you, assessing your build, posture, and symmetry or, more often, your lack thereof. For example, most men have one shoulder higher than the other. If possible, allowances will be made in your suit. 


This process can also make it easier to find a suit that suits your preferences. Maybe you prefer high-waisted trousers or a tighter trouser leg. These preferences can be accounted for. 


Style and Fit


Our team of expert fitters will meet with you during your first fitting to discuss your requirements and highlight your style. We take the time to make it a fun and collaborative process.  


You will be shown the various design options available and given suggestions about the best style for your needs. This includes the length and structure of your garment.  


Front Finish – Single and Double-Breasted





Breast Pockets



Side Pockets


Back Finish


Sleeve Finish and Button Spacing 


Edge Finish


Trousers and Waistcoats


Just like your suit jacket, the style of your trousers can be customised to your preference.  





In the last part of the consultation, you will choose the details that are most important to you. You can choose from lapel styles, number of buttons in fastening, belt loops and side adjusters, brace buttons or belt loops; plain or patterned cuffs; type of pockets or none; and so forth. 



Pattern, cutting and sewing


Taking all of the above information, your pattern is created based on your specific measurements. After that, the fabric you have chosen is cut and sewn. 


The design instructions are then completed by our master tailoring team, usually taking 6-8 weeks. After that, you will need to return for the 2nd fitting. 



Second Fitting


Look at your clothes and adjust


After your garment has been constructed, you will be invited back to our showroom to fit your next piece. We will review how the garment fits on you during this second fitting. Additional adjustments may be necessary. For example, you might gain or lose an inch in your waist. To decide on the length of your sleeves and legs, this may be determined by your shoes. 



Third Fitting


Final fittings and garment collection 


Final fitting is an exciting and simple part of the process. Now that your garment has been finished, it is time to put it on. You can ask any questions and we will make sure the garment fits perfectly. Bring the accessories that you will be wearing with the garment. Our curated selection of ties and shoes, pocket squares, and cufflinks may also be viewed to complete the look you’re after. 



Is made to measure tailoring worth it?


If you have some ideas of what you want your suit to look like exactly, then this is a perfect option! Essentially, with this process the customer becomes the designer. 


Also, if you are not the average body shape – such as someone who is taller or more muscular, but shorter, with maybe loping shoulders or one hip slightly higher than the other – getting a made to measure suit in Perth with Suit Vault will save you the time and effort of trying on many different ready to wear styles off the rack that just don’t quite work.  



Common made to measure dos and don’ts


Do –


  • Get a picture of how you would like your suit to look. Do some research so that it is easy to share with your tailor. 


  • Think about what suit you need. A suit that must be worn every day at work is different from one that can be worn only once for a summer event. You might still want to consider making choices that will make your suit last after the wedding. 


  • Choose a suit that is made to measure. It will last you a lifetime. 


  • Feel comfortable at any tailoring house. If you don’t, find another place. 


Don’t –


  • Don’t worry about rising costs if you can. Although it will increase your cost, it is a smart decision to get a second pair of pants made. Trousers are often the item that wear out quickly. 


  • Don’t be intimidated if you aren’t used to made to measure. We love working one on one with our clients and take great pride in our creations. 


  • Don’t forget that once your preferences and details are kept on file, the process of getting a second made to measure suit will be much smoother. 



Still unsure if a made to measure suit is right for you? Contact Perth’s formal wear experts, Suit Vault now to schedule a consultation. 


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