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A blazer is a staple in every man’s wardrobe.

Back in the day, a blazer may have been something just for official formalwear Perth. However, these days it is part and parcel of a gentleman’s aesthetic.

A modern-day blazer is shorter than its the classic counterpart. It is slimmer and definitely more comfortable to wear. If you make a clever choice, one blazer can fit a plethora of occasions.


For those formal moments


When you wear the right blazer with a simple shirt, and a complementing tie, there is nothing stopping you. Whether it be a business meeting, or a formal get-together, the world is your oyster.  Our top tip is to ensure your trousers are a different colour from your blazer. If you go for the same colour, it might look like a wardrobe malfunction.


All day


If you have a pair of chinos, wear them with your go-to blazer. Now, you have the ultimate daytime look. We love the relaxed sophistication that comes with a blazer and chinos outfit, you can rock it in the office, at a restaurant or even at a social event. You can read about why we love chinos, and how you can wear them for any occasion in our recent article.


A Jetsetting hustler


Going away for the weekend? Have a big overseas trip planned? Then your blazer needs to be packed. Why? Because it makes even the most casual outfit that little bit sharper. A pair of jeans, sweater and sneakers is standard weekend casual wear, but chuck on your favourite blazer and you will fit right in when dining at the city’s best restaurant.


Job interviews


Be ready to take on your next role. The first step is nailing that interview. We love a good blazer for an interview. Specifically, a well-cut blazer with darker tones (like black or navy). Pair your blazer with a button-down shirt and you’re good to go.


Just because you can


Rather than opting for your usual oversized hoodie or your casual jumper, a blazer is a nice change of pace that immediately gives off a sophisticated vibe. You can go for a city look with skinny black jeans, a flannel or a t-shirt. Furthermore, you can go for a rugged style with combat boots, and stand out from the crowd.



Blazers are for an everyday elevated style. They can be worn for business, casual and formal events. We love blazers because the sophistication that comes with them is unmatched. With endless amounts of versatility and styling options, blazers are a must-have clothing staple needed for every man’s wardrobe. You can view our pricing guide here. Otherwise, speak to our Perth suit hire team about our formalwear Perth, and our tailored suits Perth.



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