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The Melbourne Cup Carnival is one event where men can show off their true style by donning stylish suits, ties, and even hats.


Although many believe that race days are only a showcase for women’s fashions, the Spring Carnival is fast becoming a showcase for the best men’s race wear.GLORIOUS will be this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival theme. For the glory and the splendour! Spring racing is a great opportunity for everyone to show off their style and glamour. You can be creative with fabrics and find a standout hat or dress up in your finest.

The spring carnival is a great time to show your bold side. Here are Suit Vaults’ top tips for creating a Melbourne Cup outfit that stands out from the rest.


Suit Up for The Races


It should be obvious, but for men who may not know, wear a suit. Cup Day does not allow you to dress casually. Don’t wear your chinos on Cup Day. Cup Day doesn’t have a rigid dress code like Derby Day. So, you can still be bold in your styling choices if your look is neat and tidy.

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Make Yellow a Part of Your Look


The yellow rose is the official flower for Emirates Melbourne Cup Day. Although you don’t have to wear yellow from head-to-toe, it is a good idea to include some yellow in your outfit. There are many ways to achieve this look. You can choose to focus on the smallest details, such as a pocket square or tie pattern. A yellow rose lapel pin is also an option. You’ll be fine if you have a hint of yellow in your outfit. Layer a yellow woven shirt over your suit for a bolder look. It can be subtle or extravagant, but don’t be afraid to add a touch of yellow.


Go Big or Go Home


Cup Day is for the peacocks. Think bright colours and unusual patterns. The Melbourne Cup is about having fun and being creative. There is no need for you to be safe. For your Cup Day fashion inspiration, think Harry Styles for Gucci.

Flemington is full of bold colours and bold prints. You can wear bright colours or an extravagantly patterned jacket to enhance your outfit. It’s about demonstrating to racegoers your true self in a bold and striking way.

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Mix and Match


Separates are becoming more popular. This makes it easier to mix and pair pieces, while also enhancing existing pieces. A classic chino can be paired with a bold jacket, a lapel pin, and even a double-breasted vest to make a truly unique version of a classic suit.

Cup Day fashion will still be a success if you are more casual. Opt for something pastel instead of a classic black or grey suit. A pair of navy pants can be paired with a tweed coat. The look is best with a crisp white shirt and finished with a tie in the same hue as your pants.


Race Day Shoes


Cup Day is about fashion. So, your shoes should complement your outfit without taking it over. You can add texture and finish to your shoes when you choose a style.

We recommend a monk strap shoe or a loafer. You can leave the Oxford shoes out for Derby Day. Let your feet have some fun, too. To let your suit speak for itself, we recommend a more traditional shoe such as a brogue in brown or black leather or suede.




Melbourne Cup style for men is all about the suit. While some men prefer hats to complete their looks, most will be able to do it without one. A bow tie is a great way to add some elegance and sophistication. Play with your socks and pocket squares. Although they seem simple, these pieces can really help to tie everything together. Don’t let yourself be tempted to match your tie with your square. This will make you look cheap.

Learn how to fold a pocket square here.


The Simple Do’s and Don’ts




  • Dress up for spring with bright orange or Melbourne Cup-yellow.
  • If you don’t like colours, opt for a neutral or grey tan with some pops of colour in your accessories.
  • A textured tie and leather shoes are a great way to complement a strong look.




  • Wear your work-appropriate suit.
  • Do away with your hat, pocket square, and millinery!
  • Wear jeans (chinos are acceptable).


Melbourne Cup style is about injecting life and colour into classic men’s clothes. There are some requirements that must be met, but once those are met, you have the freedom to create a look that is unique and will set you apart from the rest. If you need help choosing the best suit for the Melbourne Cup, get in touch with us today and we can help sort you out.

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