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Given that virtual meetings, consultations and interviews seem to be the new normal, it’s important to know how to dress for them.

Establishing a sharp, gentlemanly demeanour not only ensures a positive response to your attention to detail and level of effort but also inspires confidence which is a key asset in any meeting, interview or consultation. From shopping for a new look to finding the perfect tuxedo for rent, these tips will prepare you for any online interactions you might encounter in your career.


What’s the occasion?


Particularly when it comes to interviews, you want to make a lasting impression. To a degree, online interaction limits the ability to do so, therefore your attire needs to be smart and respectable to assist the process. Bright colours and loud patterns can often pose as a distraction, in which case, being understated is recommended. Especially, if limited for time, or apprehensive commit to buying a new suit, a tuxedo for rent may be the best option.



What to wear


Whilst your torso is visible, you still need to have a complete look, and here’s why. Firstly, there is nothing worse than those stories we hear where people are in the comfort of their homes, dressed to the nines up top paired with nothing but boxers, to then stand up unaware they are about to experience public embarrassment. Whilst you’ll most likely remain seated, you want to eliminate the possibility of this happening altogether, even if it means finding a tuxedo for rent.

From shirt to jacket, tie to shoes, your entire outfit should be well thought out and tailored to suit. Just as if you were to put on your shoes and head out the door, these refined circumstances should be no different, inspiring you to maintain that same degree of drive and enthusiasm.



Preparation for the virtual experience


Don’t change your look to complement the backdrop, change the backdrop to complement your look. Online we can create the ideal environment, which is something we are rarely privileged to. You can establish a complementary setting to further enhance the impact and appeal of your attire. You neither want your suit to clash nor blend with the background, therefore it would be worthwhile trialling a few spaces prior.

Advantageously, a video consultation provides an opportunity for flattering lighting. Again, testing this element will avoid too much reflection and ensure a clear image for your interviewer or audience. Similarly, to an in-person meeting, the virtual world requires adequate preparation, however in a manner unique to the experience. A comfortable environment, from your chair to the temperature of the room can impact how comfortable you feel in your suit.


No matter if it is a face-to-face meeting or virtual, 30 seconds is all the time required for someone to form an opinion based on your visual presentation. Not only does a sharp suit paint you to be respectful and sophisticated, but it also grants confidence, which of course works in your favour. Whether you are interested in purchasing an entirely new outfit or are looking at a tuxedo for rent, our experienced staff at Suit Vault are happy to assist.

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