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While styles may change over time, the classic characteristics of stylish menswear in Perth remain the same.


Would you believe us if we said that you could create a versatile wardrobe from just 10 items?

These 10 items are great for an outfit that can be worn to a wedding, a casual drink at a bar, a job interview, or on a first date.

Don’t believe us?

Men tend to overbuy and keep clothing that they don’t wear often. Menswear in Perth is about quality and not quantity. Today we will show you how to do it with only 10 items.

It’s the ’10 Item Wardrobe ‘…

We hope that this blog will inspire you to create a wardrobe based on timeless and versatile pieces.


The 10 Item Wardrobe


Not sure where to start? These 10 pieces can be used as the foundation for a stylish, Perth menswear wardrobe. You can easily add more colours, patterns, or styles as the seasons change.

Now. you’ll need to be a bit lenient with us. We haven’t included underwear, socks, and kept accessories to a minimum. Check out our other blogs for some good tips on those areas.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are the top 10 items and how to wear them.


The Navy Suit


The classic navy suit in Perth is timeless and versatile.

We’ve talked a lot about Perth suits before, but every guy should have a good suit. Why? You can wear a suit in Perth at any time-even when working from home.

As with everything in this article, you need to pay attention to the fit of your suit as well as the fabric and quality. A wool 2-button navy suit with high lapels and a navy double-breasted pinstripe suit will be more versatile than a linen double-breasted navy pinstripe. Although we aren’t saying that the latter suit is better, it is more versatile than a linen double-breasted navy pinstripe suit.

The jacket should be tailored to fit your body. Make sure the jacket is comfortable in the arms and shoulders and that it falls to the level of your wrist bone.

Is Navy not the right fit for you? Opt instead for charcoal grey.

Get in touch with our expert tailors at Suit Vault, who can assist you with getting the right suit.



The White Button-Down Shirt


The white button-down shirt is another timeless staple. This shirt bridges the gap between casual and formal, making it a great addition to any man’s capsule wardrobe.

An Oxford shirt is a casual option. You can dress it up or down, and it’s more casual. Long sleeves are also a good choice. They can be worn all year round, and you can roll them up if they get too hot.

Are you looking for a shirt to pair with jeans on a night out? Get your button-down shirt. Are you looking for a shirt to wear underneath a sweater or jacket? Look no further than your button-down shirt. Are you looking for something to wear with your suit or dress? You see the picture?

A white button-up must be properly tailored. Otherwise, it can look untidy and over-sized. You want one that fits comfortably at the neck but not too tight, and that allows you to move your arms and shoulders freely. After you have mastered the white button-down, you can begin to add other colours.

These are a must-have item for every man and can be found at almost all modern retailers and brands of men’s clothing. This is a piece you will be wearing regularly, so make sure to focus on comfort and fit.


Dark Denim Jeans


We all know how versatile jeans can be and sometimes we over-wear them. While the acid wash and ripped denim trends will come and go, opting for dark denim will allow you to dress them up or dress them down.

Think of your jeans as a pair of suit trousers. Pay attention to how well they fit and how they are made. A huge mistake is to buy cheap denim that doesn’t fit your waist or is tapered.

These days, they can be easily altered to fit you. Most retailers offer an alteration service for free with every purchase. However, local tailors will charge a small fee.

Selvedge denim is a great choice. But remember that good denim doesn’t have to be washed as often as formal trousers.


White T-Shirt


A white T-shirt is timeless, versatile, and stylish. However, getting the right fit can make a big difference in how your shirt looks.

The problem with T-shirts, however, is that we tend to go for the most affordable option simply because they are a commodity. However, compromising on quality can lead to the fabric becoming brittle, soiled, or losing its lustre after just a few washes.

Look for a white t-shirt made of heavyweight or mid-weight cotton. They will last you longer and be more comfortable.

Consider your face shape when choosing the neckline for the tee. If you have a round face and want to lengthen it, a v-neck t-shirt will work best. You can also opt for a crew neck style if your face is longer.


White Sneakers


White sneakers are versatile in footwear. Before you judge, let’s clarify that we’re not talking here about lightweight plimsolls or running shoes. We’re talking about classic, minimal white leather sneakers.

The versatility of a tennis shoe, such as the Adidas Stan Smiths, will allow you to pair them with any of the other items in this article.

While leather shoes can add elegance and class to casual items, minimalism is the most important thing. To get more wear from your leather shoes, keep the detailing to a minimum.

Are you not willing to give up your all-whites and still want to add colour? For a fun daytime look, pair your favourite sneakers with a pair of jeans or a printed sock.


Next up…


This post touched on a few Perth menswear essentials to get you started. Look out for Part Two where we discuss sweaters, trousers, and dress shoes, to name a few.

Need help with your tailored suit, or any styling advice? Book an appointment at Suit Vault for expert menswear fashion advice.

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