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Whether this is your first suit, or a designer suit investment – knowing how to look after it will hold its weight in gold.


After all, a good suit, and great clothes in general, project a well-illustrated image to the world and allow you to place your best foot forward.

At Suit Vault, we have suit collections that consist of both valuable custom suits as well as affordable garments that still have value to us. Therefore, we have curated some tips for you to consider when it comes to looking after your suit.


#1 Invest in quality coat hangers

A coat hanger is a staple in every closet. But do you have the right ones for your size? The correct size and quality will ensure your shoulders are intact and protected. It also allows the jacket to drape correctly while hanging, keeping a better shape.


#2 Using cedar blocks & shaving

From acting as a natural moth repellent to absorbing any residual moisture we recommend having cedar in your closets. Cedar imparts a pleasant scent to textiles and keeps your suits in tip-top shape.


#3 Correct suit cleaning practices

We have noted that a particular problem these days is the liberal use of dry cleaning to keep suits in good condition. Although it has its place if you have a massive stain, you shouldn’t really need to get a suit dry-cleaned more than twice a year. Here are a few cleaning practices to consider:

  • Avoid dry cleaning but brush and steam the suits instead
  • Use a horsehair brush
  • Use a garment steamer or iron


#4 Ensure there is ample storage space for your suits

It’s important to provide ample space for your suits when you store them. Wrinkled fabric is never ideal, but it can be especially frustrating during the warmer months because of how quickly they become moist. If there are too many suits close together or packed into an area where air circulation isn’t present, moisture will build-up,  leading not only to ruining fibres over time but also making the entire room smell musty as well.


Contact Suit Vault, your preferred Perth suit hire company that specialises in supplying formalwear in Perth, and tailored suits in Perth. Be sure to check out our FAQs, and explore our suit hire range prior to getting in touch.


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