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Length matters as they say. In this article, we discuss the importance of suit length and how this applies to various parts of your suit.


The overall fit


Fit is vital to pulling your look together. Once you’ve decided you want a two-button, single-breasted suit that comes with flap pockets you’re ready to focus all your attention here. The fit.




A tailor can’t fix a saggy shoulder, so make sure the seam ends right at the outside of yours. You want it crisp, cut and to the right measurement here guys. Top tip, a lot of men overestimate their jacket size. If you think you are a 42, we recommend you try a 40. If there is still room, go smaller, try a 38.




With the jacket buttoned, the lapels should lie flat on your chest. If they bow out, you need a different size or a different brand. Personally, we like a slim tie, lapels, and a small-collar dress shirt, so everything ties together seamlessly. The general rule of thumb on lapel size is, big, wide lapels are for testosterone alpha men, and skinny lapels are for smooth rock-’n’-rollers. What’s your style?




As a rule, a suit should hug your actual arms, closely following your natural lines, and stop in time to show a half-inch of shirt cuff. Make sure you have your suit hire team in Perth take a careful look once you’ve bought the suit, and measure you up. A lot of guys don’t consider whether they should have the arms of a suit slimmed down. Just assume for the most part you do, and be sure to ask your suit hire team for help with this.


Torso and waist


With the jacket buttoned, slide your thumb between the button and your tummy. If your thumb is snug, good. If it’s a little loose, you’ll need to have it stitched down to size. Fasten your pants at your natural waist, and if it is too loose, leave it with us to fix.


Pant hems


Most suits have long, unfinished hems. You want to ensure they are tailored to hover just above your shoes, anything longer will look sloppy.


Jacket length


These days, the trend is men are wearing way shorter suit jackets. However, you don’t want your entire bottom showing, either. If you hang your arms loose at your sides, your fingers should be able to easily cup the bottom hem of your suit jacket. Any shorter you will look out of place. If it is longer, you’ll look like an undertaker. You don’t want that so leave it with us.

We invite you to book in for a consultation with us right away. We can custom fit you a suit that considers your exact measurements, ensuring you look sharp, professional and stylish. Before you go, you can explore our suit hire range here, our price guide here and also review some helpful articles. Whether you are looking for a suit for a wedding, black tie event or your child’s school ball, we can help.



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