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At Suit Vault, all of our products – be it fabrics for a made to measure item or our formalwear items for hire such as Tuxedo’s, Suits & Jackets are of premium quality.  When it comes to our made to measure offering, our head tailor has meticulously selected highly skilled manufacturers and hand-picked fabrics to be used only of an outstanding quality. A Quality you could expect to come across when visiting a tailor on London’s Saville Row.  Our suit hire range consists of tuxedos; suits & blazers produced from our made to measure programme.

Man Wears Stylish Navy Blue Suit Perth

To ensure that our designs and the quality of our products meet our high standards, we have our fingers on the pulse throughout the entire supply chain; from product design, through to manufacturing, quality control, alterations and even up until the final press with our dry cleaner. We are in control of every step of the way when it comes to having a piece tailor made with Suit Vault. When it comes to our suit hire range for your next formal event or lounge party we are just as precise in making sure the quality of our formal wear hire pieces is of a high regard. The main benefactor of our particular attention to detail is you, our customers! The ability for us to have such control over our product not only leads to having a premium product to offer we see if leading to a greater customer experience all round. Giving you the ability to hire or have a made to measure suit or jacket at a fraction of the price of what it would typically cost.


When looking at alternatives for the modern man wanting custom tailoring, we found a gap in the market. We believe in our high-end, personal customer experience, one you could compare to the up-market fittings on the famous Saville Row in London – the birthplace of the modern tailor.  We researched the menswear market and found that a lot of hire companies and other tailors were not understanding the modern, slim fit cuts and light weight wools, required in warm parts of the planet such as Perth. After further extensive research we also were provided feedback that the rushed online tailoring services were not convenient enough and trust was a problem – with the finished product commonly not ending up how first imagined.

Man Wears Suit Vault Tailored Jacket Perth

When coming into Suit Vault we begin our consultation by getting to know you and asking you some key questions to learn more about you and how we can select with accuracy your hire piece or tailored items we are about to create. Here are some examples of the questions we ask;

  • Tell me about your event?
  • Do you wear suits often? If so, what have you worn previously?
  • Is there a particular colour you feel comfortable in?
  • Are you a person who feels the heat? This is important as we will select the weight of the cloth based on this.


After getting to know you we will then help to guide you through our large selection of fabrics, steering you towards a colour and make of fabric and finish that impressed you. Your choice of cut, detailing and features completes the look with a personalised touch. Walking away with a tailored or hire piece perfect for you.

Man Wears Stylish Wedding Suit With Bow Tie

At Suit Vault we have made it our mission to offer high end made to measure suits and suit hire an experience worth getting out of the house for. Book in your appointment in our Subiaco Showroom, meet one of our expert personal tailors who will guide you through a collection of over 1000 Italian, Australian and British Savile Row cloths perfect for every season and occasion. Should you wish to simply hire a suit or tuxedo for your next event, you won’t miss out either. We have over 400 suits most of which come from our made to measure offering. Showcasing our Italian wools, high end half-canvas construction and modern slim cuts.

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