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There’s a big occasion coming up, a black-tie event, a day out at the races, your best friend’s engagement party or even your very own wedding! It is almost guaranteed that you are going to put some effort into what you are planning on wearing to this special occasion. More importantly you want to rock up looking your very best. These special occasions generally call for you to wear a suit, blazer or even a tuxedo. Buying something fresh and new for one of these special occasions for some is a rite of passage – go on spoil yourself you deserve it most gents say to them self and why not?! You do deserve it!

In the past most men would go down to their local suit retailer, throw something on straight the rack which has been selected for them by the store assistant. Typically, this suit has been designed by someone in a foreign country, to be worn in a different season to us with no thought put into it based on what you are wanting from a suit for your event. You should be able to find an off the rack suit in your size – and if it is thereabouts you can then make a couple trips to get it altered hoping it will then finally be a good fit.

What if I told you that we can create a suit no one on the planet has ever worn before? Something completely created from scratch for you and for the special event you have coming up. Gone are the days of just being forced to buy what’s available off the rack, here are some reasons why you need to own a tailored suit.

The Perfect Fit

Groom and bestman wear stylished tailored suits

To get this, We use our exclusive measuring technique, taking over 35 specific measurements from all corners of your body. After taking these specific measurements we step you into one of our suit fitting garments, this is important as suits can sit different to how they are measured. We also take images of you in the fitting garment suit capturing your posture and how the suit drapes on your body allowing our team of tailors to pin-point any areas that we may need more hand work. This could be a low shoulder and therefore we add an extra shoulder pad on the shoulder to prop the shoulder up. Having taken the measurements and walked you through the fitting garment, this process then allows us to craft your state-of-the-art tailored suit with exact measurements, ensuring that the final product is perfect.  In the event the suit lands and we need to make a few tweaks due to weight gain or change of style we are here to make these adjustments on the suit for you. At the end of the day we want the perfect fitting suit for you to be worn with pride on your special occasion.

The end result is a suit that fits you like an extra layer of skin. Not only does it look amazing, but it also feels perfect. The disparity between an off the rack suit and a tailor-made suit is like chalk and cheese. Our team of tailors guarantee that you will not want to go back to an of the rack suit again if you can avoid it after your very first tailored Suit with us.

Future Alterations

Like most of us, bodies tend to change shape over the years. Notably the waist area on both trousers and the jacket, it is quite rare that we grow taller though even if that happens there are changes, we can make! With these changes in our bodies you may of thought that your (now) old suit needs to be put away where it may never be worn again.

Never fear! There are secrets we have allowing us to adjust your suit for you so that it continues to fit regardless of how your body might change. We can extend the waist on trousers by around an inch, as well as secret pockets on the jacket also allowing us to extend the back for you adding extra width around the waist.

A Smart Investment

A tailor-made suit is an affordable option these days, and it some cases is even a more cosr effective alternative to buying a suit straight off the rack. A tailor-made suit will also give you longevity, as the suit is made to fit you and therefore wear better long-term – saving countless trips to have repairs done but also replace the ill-fitting off the rack suit with another one. You can have a made to measure 100% wool two-piece suit created with our tailoring team at Suit Vault starting from just $849. We can not wait to get you into your very first tailored piece with Suit Vault so come in and chat all things fits, styles and fabrics with one of our expert tailors in store today!


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