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As we do every season, we have researched around the world for inspiration on the latest formal wear & suit trends. We have uncovered a few gems, and through our buying team have added some new suit and blazer styles ready for you to try for your next event. A popular men’s trend seen in Europe is the colour Brown being worn, typically a colour choice of the famous Mr Bean. Matchless style is also huge in 2020, this is all about pairing tailored jacket and smart trousers. Patterns are back in a big way, be it pinstripe, or prince of whale’s checks – this is a great throwback to the old formal wear days and a unique style to have you stand out for your next event.

Here are some of our newest looks as worn in and around the streets surrounding the store in Subiaco, all with a touch of what is trending in formal wear right now.

Corduroy may be a hark back to the 70’s but it has made an appearance this year with a modern twist. Perfect for an outside event in the cooler months of winter and autumn. Corduroy typically is a heavier thicker fabric with ridged construction giving it a depth that wool and other fabrics cannot match. As you can see given corduroy is a more semi-formal choice of look, the jacket pockets are also a patch pocket. The patch pocket is seen as casual / semi-formal – because the construction of the jacket pockets are highly visible and are primarily seen on blazers and sports coats.

Paring corduroy with some light trousers or chinos, brown belt and brown shoes will give a clean stylish look that will complement most semi-formal or casual events. This is a perfect style for an outdoor engagement party in the cooler months or a sundowner.

The three-piece black Tuxedo, wearing a Tuxedo with a vest is a way of adding a modern statement to a traditional piece. This is the ultimate formalwear style, complementing a tuxedo with a vest underneath gives the style a lot of depth. We recommend wearing this formal attire for your next black-tie event specifically in winter as it can get quite warm wearing a three-piece suit and a black one at that during a hot summer’s day. Paired with a black bowtie and a white pocket square to match and of course a crisp white shirt this is the ultimate look to turn heads. Pairing it with a skinny bowtie will let the vest take centre stage, if you do choose to wear a tie with this style – it can dilute the statement piece being the vest. This is perfect for your next formal event such as a black-tie wedding, charity awards night and graduation dinners.

The matchless style seen here with the statement checks pattern on the jacket is the perfect cocktail look and style for the upcoming spring racing season. The white checks throughout the jacket are complemented with creme trousers making it the perfect ensemble for your day at the races. With the checks being the statement piece of the jacket, we were hesitant to add in any accessories. However, should you wish to add a tie or bowtie our recommendations would be to choose one of a neutral colour being navy or blue. As any bold accessories will take over the look completely and overshading the clean matchless style.

We are in the process of designing multiple new collections for the upcoming summer season. We cannot wait to show you all of our new collections of suits, jackets and vests in store available to hire or have your own made to measure suit right here at Suit Vault, in Subiaco.

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