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The tie bar is the epitome of classy men’s fashion – and it’s making a stylish comeback thanks to a return to refinement in the men’s fashion industry.


With its delicacy and potency, a tie bar finishes a gentleman’s tailoring perfectly. Just like the pocket square, it is discreet yet speaks volumes of the wearer’s background and personality.

Setting a tie bar can get tricky, but don’t worry because we have your back, with a little fashion guidance to ensure that your tie clip compliments your attire perfectly.


Credible Placement


The tie bar is devoted to keeping the tie in its designated position. The tie bar is usually positioned near the third or fourth button of the shirt, or right above the first button of the coat. This positioning is set as a standard worldwide. With this detail, you can never get overwhelmed placing the tie bar again.


 Size And Shape


The tie bar must always cover three-quarters of the tie’s width. For a narrow necktie, a half-inch tie bar works miracles. With the increased width of the necktie, try enhancing the length of the tie bar, too.

You can always experiment with different tie bar shapes and designs. You can opt for an elegant and neutral tie bar, or something that makes a statement for your suit. After all, it is you who decides the way you want to express yourself to the world.


 Colour Variation


You can either stick to the classics, silver and golden, or bring it up a notch by adding a pop of colour to your plain shirts.


Silver goes well with every outfit.


If you prefer using a gold tie bar, you must match some of your accessories, such as your watch, with the tie clip; to form a coordinated pattern.


Coordinate With Accessories


Coordinating your tie bar with accessories is a necessity. You can harmonise the colour or perhaps the material of your tie bar with accessories like your belt, watch, pocket square, and even your cufflinks. This gives a savvy attribute to your attire.


Diverse Suiting


A tie bar is a luxury you can incorporate into casual dressing, too. It uplifts your blazers, cardigans, and boring button-up shirts. It gives a smart appearance to tailored suits Perth


“When do I pick the hire items up?”


You simply collect the hire items 1 business day prior to your event from SuitVault.Where do I return everything? After the event, you return all the items to New City Dry Cleaners in Mount Hawthorn and they return it all back to the store. The cost of this ranges from $20 – $40 per person and is not included in the hire.

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