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What to wear to your outdoor wedding


With weddings all around the world being put on standby while we isolate during COVID-19. We thought we would share some tips for those planning on getting hitched on the other side.

We have suited up a lot of gents who’ve had weddings at outdoor locations such as the Swan Valley, the South West and other areas around Perth.

These are some questions to consider when deciding what style to wear at an outdoor wedding:

  • – As the groom, do I want to stand out or do I want to match the groomsmen?.  Some love to stand out with a different style or colour, while others want all the lads to be uniform.
  • – What colour are the bridesmaids wearing?. Ensure the lads work their look in with the bridesmaids (there is a difference between matching and working in).
  • – What time is the ceremony?. If the ceremony is at midday, and in summer, a 3-piece suit may not be appropriate.

Unlike a formal indoor wedding, outdoor weddings allow flexibility.  You are not restricted to wearing a suit and tie, and are able to go for a relaxed look if you wish.

To suit up or not to suit up?

We get asked all the time if a tuxedo is appropriate for an outdoor wedding and we most certainly think it is!.  The tuxedo is a timeless look and fits in with all colours that the bridesmaids may be thinking of wearing. Alternatively, you can also go the other way and wear something more comfortable. This could be in the form of chinos teamed up with a jacket, which will fit in perfectly with the casual surrounds of an outdoor wedding.

These are some of our favourite outdoor cermony looks that were created with our Suit Vault groomsmen.

Suit Vault Wedding Tuxedo HIre PerthSuit Vault Wedding Tailored Blazer PerthSuit Vault Wedding Jacket Chinos Hire Perth

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