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Suit Hire

We created our own groomsmen collections right here in Subiaco. With styles to hire, such as tuxedos, modern black, navy, blue & grey, and a variety of chinos to pair with our blazers for a more relaxed look, either way, we have you covered.

Bring in your groomsmen, have a drink on us, and let our team find the perfect fit and look for your wedding.

Our suit hire range retails for over $999. However, suits can be rented from Suit Vault for just $199.

We recommend firstly booking an appointment to view our collections & to lock in a style. Then around 10- 14 weeks prior to your big day, get the team in store for the fitting.

Left it last minute? Do not worry we can still sort something out last minute for you.

On the week of your wedding, simply collect your suit from Suit Vault and return the suit to our dry cleaner after. The dry cleaner will ensure that the suit is returned to Suit Vault.

Click here to book your appointment to view or try on the collections.

Bespoke Tailor

Feel like wearing something unique for your wedding? We can do this with our made-to-measure service.

This is a perfect fit for those wanting to create the dream suit for their wedding day, which is truly unique for them and the groomsmen.

Our tailor will go over the finer details available to you from the selection of 100+ fabrics, embroidery options and suit constructions at our disposal.

We have also developed the Suit Vault fit, taking over 35 specific measurements. This allows us to craft your state-of-the-art tailored suit, with the perfect tailored suit being the end game.

Simply book an appointment with our tailor and he will take it from there. Tailored suits start from just $849 and take 8-12 weeks until completion. At Suit Vault, we guarantee you a perfect fit.

Click here to book your appointment to view our fabric selection and discuss our made-to-measure options for your special day.


Scroll down to see images of our exclusive Suit Vault groomsmen collection.