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We often get asked at Suit Vault about what style of tailored suits in Perth you should choose for your wedding day.


Last November Jarred Briotti got married to his beautiful fiancé, Megan. While every detail of the down South wedding was spectacular, the burning question we all want to know is:  


What does the owner of a Perth made to measure tailoring company wear to his own wedding? 


So, we sat down with the suit man himself to get all the details.  


How Long Before the Wedding Did You Start Planning the Suit?


I began imagining and planning the suit as soon as we got engaged. But I put pen to paper around 6 to 8 months prior to the November wedding. So, in February / March I began to look on Pinterest for inspiration. I also looked at the Grammys and other awards ceremonies to see what was in fashion.  


The theme of our wedding was black and white, so the girls all wore white while the guys wore black.  


Did You Rent or Purchase?


Well, it would be remiss of me not to go with made to measure!  


But for all the guys out there for your wedding you can choose to hire or go down the Perth made to measure path or both. There are multiple options available if the wedding party is wanting a mix of options. 


What Is the Basic Wedding Etiquette for Groom Dressing?


It is important to set the standard for what you want your guests to wear. If you put ‘black tie’ on the invite but then have the groomsmen wearing navy suits in Perth, this can look weird as they will be dressed more casually compared to your guests.  


Provide clarity for guests and stick to it. If you say black tie, this means tuxedo, satin lapel, dress jacket, bow tie, the lot.  


I chose to go with a peak lapel tuxedo. It was a wide lapel, 9 cm wide. This abstract type of style is not very common and is something most people have not seen before. I was looking for something utterly unique but not showy (I did not want to upstage the bride after all!) –and I had found it.  


Usually, the lapel is shorter, around 5-6 cm, that is the carbon copy, off the rack style. But I wanted something different and edgy.  


We told our guests not to wear black and white. Only family and special people were allowed. This was a nice distinction on the day for those closest to us. 


How Did You Choose Your Groom Suit…


To Fit the Season?


I chose a 100 % wool Perth tailored suit, wool is a natural fibre, and we were getting married at the end of November, which is quite warm in Perth. Wool is lighter in the heat. I chose black to compliment the black satin lapels and to match the theme.  


I went with black paisley lining for the inner of the jacket to give it some texture on the inside. You can choose any lining you like when you go made to measure in Perth.  


For an added special touch on the day, I had my initials embroidered on the inside of my jacket.  


According to The Style?


A peak lapel is like a modern twist on a traditional tuxedo. So, it is still a Perth tailored tuxedo suit, but rather than having the shawl around the shawl collar it has the peak.  


According to The Venue and The Time? 


We had a down south wedding at Black Brewing Co. Moving between indoor and outdoor settings throughout the day. Everyone looks good in a nice black tuxedo. It also went well in the outdoor setting, the venue had lots of greenery and a lake behind it. And then at night, in the indoor setting, the black tuxedo stood out.  


Regarding setting and location, it is subjective. Some people think black is too harsh and warm in the outdoors. But I typically think to do whatever makes you happy. And typically, black goes with anything. We have seen clients wear it on the beach to a wedding in Dunsborough, so really it works anywhere. (Just be mindful that at the beach you do not have any shoes on).  

What Jacket and Trousers Did You Choose?


With the trousers, I chose to have side adjusters over belt hoops because you should not really wear a belt with a tuxedo. It is not required, plus if it is a Suit Vault tailored suit is it going to fit perfectly. 


I chose to go without a vest, but I did choose to go with a tuxedo studded shirt. So, this means that there is texture on the front of the shirt and there are black sided buttons. This gives it a feature throughout. Personally, I find that vests can create unnecessary bulk on the chest. And so, when I took my jacket off, and to be honest, I only took it off for about 5 minutes, I had the feature of the studs on the side of the shirt and therefore did not need a vest. 


How Did You Decide on The Colour?


Now the most popular styles are your black suits in Perth, specifically a tuxedo, with then a peak or a shawl. These days a lot of people are wearing black trousers with a stone or a cream jacket. 


Blue suits and grey suits in Perth have come out of fashion in the last couple of years. And they have been replaced by that two-tone look, with black trousers and a light jacket.  


I do think in the next 6 – 12 months it will reverse. Everyone will be sick to death of seeing the groom in black trousers and a grey jacket style.  


Then you have the Chino jacket look, but currently, this is also out of fashion. This is due to a lot of guests wearing this style to weddings. I like to educate grooms to be prepared to rock up to their own wedding looking like guests if they pick this style. Now that is okay, but most grooms want to look slightly elevated compared to their guests on the day.  


How to Choose a Shirt for Your Wedding Day Suit?


When it comes to picking a shirt for your day, it comes down to whether you want to stand out or not. Having a studded tuxedo shirt is a nice way to stand out if you are wearing a tuxedo. You can choose to have French cuffs shirts. This means you can have cuff links interchangeable on your sleeves, with the grooms dressed in a standard shirt.  


There are lots of ways you can use your shirt to stand out compared to the other guys on the day.  

What Kind of Accessories Did You Choose for The Wedding Suit?


To complement the black and white theme, all of us boys had French cuff shirts with black cuff links. The groomsmen had French cuff shirts while I as the groom had the tuxedo shirt. The guys had black bow ties and white pocket squares. Meanwhile, I sourced my own black velvet bow tie from America for the day. It was a thicker black valet bow tie to stand out compared to the other guys. So having my shirt and the bigger bow tie as a point of difference from the other lads was cool.  

What Can Somewhere Expect When They Come to Suit Vault to Get a Custom Wedding Suit?


They can expect advice from our staff who have been to a lot of weddings and who continue to dress a lot of people for a lot of local weddings. We dress men for weddings up to Broome and down to Esperance. We also style people for weddings all around the world, including weddings in Greece and across the globe. We are very knowledgeable on how to style a wedding party for any kind of wedding, making sure they dress appropriately while feeling extremely comfortable in what they are wearing.  


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