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The classic black-tie event is an occasion that is special and allows you to raise the suit bar in Perth.


Gents don’t worry, you’re not the only one having trouble deciding what to wear for a black-tie event. This is one of the most common questions we receive and one that we are always happy to answer. A black-tie event usually takes place in the evening after 7 pm. However, your host will establish the expectation by including a dress code in your invitation. Pre-Covid days Perth had many black-tie events, from charity balls to sporting galas. At Suit Vault, we have had the pleasure of dressing many men around town, check out our hire collection here.  

A black tie for men means that you must wear a dinner suit, usually a black suit with a satin lapel. In America, the common term used to reference this look is a “tuxedo”. 

Here’s how to nail a black-tie tailored suit in Perth from top to toe. 


Definition of a Black-Tie Dress Code


The origins of the modern black tie dress code date back to the mid-century when King Edward VII ordered Henry Poole to design a short jacket that didn’t have tails, to be worn to formal dinner parties. These jackets proved to be more comfortable and popular than traditional tailcoats.

A black-tie code of dress today is somewhere between semi-formal and white tie. The most formal dress code is white tie, due to its very strict dress rules. You have a few options when it comes to Perth formal wear, like a traditional tuxedo or a dinner jacket outfit. 


What to Wear to a Black-Tie Event


Always wear a dark navy or black suit in Perth when attending a black-tie event. This Perth tailored suit is timeless, versatile, and the best choice for these events. This Perth tailored suit can be worn all year and can be paired with any other suit, except for a matching navy tie. For the perfect shirt, choose a white crisp shirt that has no coloured details. Black tie events are elegant, simple, and contain a variety of simple colours, such as navy, white, and black. 

The suit should also be simple and elegant. For the fabric, it is best to choose a wool-based or wool blend suit. This suit is more comfortable and does not wrinkle easily. Wool is a highly breathable, hygienic fabric. If you want to style a navy suit with accessories, the best thing to do is to use a white shirt and black shoes. In the outer jacket pocket, you can add a handkerchief. 

It is crucial to invest in both the quality and the fit of your black-tie garments. Your look should be modern, clean, and simple.  Nothing is worse than looking like you just pulled out your grandfather’s old, dated tuxedo. 


Dinner Jacket


A dinner jacket is different from a business suit jacket in that it has satin lapels. Dress tails will be required if you have a dress code that requires a white tie. 

Dinner jackets traditionally have been made in black with satin lapels. You can however make a statement with a dinner suit in a different colour, such as blue or burgundy with the black satin lapels.

If you are a royal follower, you will have seen Prince Harry at his wedding reception, with his black velvet dinner jacket with peak lipped sleeves. A dinner jacket traditionally comes with a shawl lapel, but peak lapels make a fashionable choice. 




A dinner jacket should be worn with matching trousers (unless you are wearing velvet). These trousers often have a satin stripe, but this can be omitted. Traditional trousers were worn with a cummerbund. This is a sash of fabric, usually silk or satin, worn around the waist. Cummerbunds today are less popular than they were in the past. 

Perth formal wear dinner trousers are often not fitted with belt loops and therefore should not be worn with a belt. They can be adjusted to make them tighter or worn with braces. 




A Marsala shirt or a white front pleated shirt with a wing collar to accompany your dinner suit is a good choice. A standard collar is fine, but a Marsala or Wing collar shirt is preferred. It is more common for dinner suits shirts to be equipped with studs rather than buttons. To complete the look, team up your white dinner shirt and a white pocket square. 


Waistcoat and Bowtie


An evening waistcoat is optional but can add a nice touch of elegance to your outfit.  

A bowtie is required for a black-tie. We recommend choosing a satin, velvet, or grosgrain-black bow tie. 

There are many different types of bow ties. The most popular is the butterfly. However, Suit Vault can access your facial features and the lapels of any black-tie outfit to create a custom bow tie that fits your needs. They can be custom made either pre-tied or tied by us. 




For a black-tie look, Perth formal wear dress shoes made of patent leather are the best choice. You have two options: a classic patent Oxford shoe or a more modern, narrower, round-toed style. A velvet slipper is a great way to give your outfit a youthful touch. 

The socks you wear with your shoes are just as important. An evening sock is required when you wear a black-tie dress code. Mid-calf socks are best in classic naturals like black or navy. 


Other Accessories


Have fun with accessories. It doesn’t mean you have to always carry a lapel pin or a handkerchief in the pocket. But if you are looking to add subtle elements to the outfit at a black-tie event, this is the best way. 

To complete the ensemble, choose a pair of distinguished cufflinks (“twins”). Cufflinks add style to your outfit and add elegance. 

The jacket’s upper pocket should have a pocket square. This distinguishes the gentleman from the rest. It could be in the same colours as the tie, or it may complement it. It’s important to be careful how you fold it. Choose a simple, elegant fold and never use it unless it is required by a lady. 


Let us Dress you for Your Next Black-Tie Event 


Suit Vault caters to all budgets and offers dinner suits in Perth for purchase or hire. We offer pure wool rental dinner suits. And if you are looking for something special, you can also make to order morning tails and dress tails for white-tie

To complete the look, we also carry a wide range of vests and bowties, pocket squares as well as braces, braces, and cufflinks. Book your consultation today! 

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